Founded 1996 as Olympic Rental Association, WLA is registered with IRS and Washington Secretary of State as a non-profit service corporation.

Recognized as a servicing Attorney General referal resource for Landlord-Tenant assistance. WLA also receives servicing referals by local law enforcement and community services agencies throughout the State. (360) 338-1544

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Washington States largest landlord association serving landlords statewide with local meetings in your area. Our membership includes rental owners and managers ranging from one rental unit or house, to large scale apartment complexes.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Washington Landlord Association (WLA) is proud to be Washington's leading landlord association. We have unbeatable membership dues thanks to the economy of our size, minimum of overhead expenses, and wonderful support of our vendor members.

For specifics on speaker programs in your area, information contained in our website, receiving a courtesy copy of the WLA Quarterly (newspaper), or any other information about joining or anything else, call WLA's toll-free number: 1-888-753-9150

Member Benefits

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$50 for a Full Year

  • Non-Profit Washington Service Corp
  • Serving Landlords from 1 to 100 Units!
  • State-Wide Services...18 Chapters
  • Great Free Telephone Help Lines
  • Comprehensive Screening/Ratings
  • Rental/Financial/Management Advice
  • Innovative WLA Web Resource Center
  • Landlord Basics; Renting Out Units
  • Free Forms, Renting Guidelines, Tips
  • Statutes, Surveys, Seminars, Articles
  • The Application & Eviction Process
  • 24-Page Quarterly Newspaper
  • Conferences, Seminars, Meetings
  • WLA Vacation Watch Service
  • Instant Washington Law Updates
  • Legislative Lobby & Services
  • Processes Updated for Landlords
  • Endorsed by Governments at all Levels
  • Over 350 supporting Vendor Services
  • 47 Available Member Attorneys, etc.
  • Computer Hot-Line Outreach
  • Lowest Dues/Screening Rates in State



Rental forms, reference material, advisory bulletins, vendor listings, rent surveys, state & local laws, hand-outs, landlord basics, screening, collections, management and maintenance tips, and much more available on-line to all WLA members.

Call Toll-Free 1-888-753-9150 for your 4-digit access code (good for 1 year), and/or for the member telephone help line.

WLA Rental Forms have been developed to reflect the latest in Washington State landlord-tenant law and court rulings, as well as meeting practical field conditions for hands-on landlords and managers anywhere in Washington. In addition, WLA’s rental agreements have several built-in liability protection features with escape clauses. (Special code dictated forms are also provided for WLA Seattle landlords and managers.) Developed in concert with WLA’s Legal Advisory Committee, WLA forms are field tested to cover all the essential legal and management elements in successfully operating a rental in Washington.

For WLA screening, be sure to click and print out WLA Forms 49 and 50. They are self explanatory.

WLA’s Resource Center provides a variety of advisory bulletins including WLA’s popular “21 Landlording Basics” and “Using the Right Rental Form” by clicking the “Resources” icon then clicking “Basics”. All applicable State and Seattle Landlord laws (including lead paint and mold phamplets) are also included along with dozens of other write-ups of importance to landlords and managers.

WLA also provides an on-going listing of over 350 vendor members available across the state. These merchants have expressed an interest in serving the landlord sector and are removed if proved to not meet WLA standards.

WLA’s free telephone help line has proven very popular to the starter or experienced member: 1-888-753-9150

(Click Forms/Resource Center, select resource option, enter access code)

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King County 5607 8971
Seattle 5571 8914
Snohomish & North 2427 3883
Pierce County 4231 6770
Tacoma 2754 4406
Thurston & West 3879 6206
Southwest WA 1840 2944
Central WA 1173 1876
Eastern WA 4186 6698
Tri-City Area 521 834
Southeast Washington 15 24
Out of state 1524 2438
TOTALS (October 15, 2013) 33,728 53,964
  Total Paid Members 8,290
  Avg Units/Membership 9.3


WLA Serving You

18 Chapters Statewide 65,000 Landlord Constituent Members President/Exec. Officer: Tim Seth Senior Vice President: John Wells Vice Presidents: Louise Garbe, William Luke Secretary/Treasurer: Audrey Tucker Lobby Counsel: Mary Ann Strickler, AAL WLA Advisory Board Montgomery Barnes - Tacoma Bruce & Sharon Bishop - Spokane Bruce Burris - Tacoma Delores Cante - Lakewood Virginia DeBord - Marysville Charlene Fansler - Kennewick John Gipson - Olympia Ted Kobernick - Vancouver Jerry Lucker - Seattle Tom McGarry - Spokane Willie Oliver - Bremerton Tom Pinckney - Tacoma Donn Tyler - Lakewood Dan White - Gig Harbor WLA Staff Operations Manager - Tim Seth Screening & IT/Website - David Jones Membership & Ads - Carole Krusinski Advisory Management - John Wells Vacation Watch - Steve Green Printing Services - Jack Tavares & Gary Fair Office Support - Tamako Gipson Legal Advisory Attorneys Dan Lazares, Tom McGarry, Alan Ruder, Tom Taylor, Ken Valz Biography - Tim Seth Founder and executive officer of Washington Landlord Association, Tim has owned, managed and maintained 26 rental properties with 96 rental units in Olympia, Seattle, and Yakima. An engineering graduate from WSU, he took graduate university business courses and served as a corporate business education administrator for a large mid-west manufacturing company. Returning to the Northwest, Tim set up a 55-shareholder Washington rental property investment corporation…implementing his innovative investment leverage models (that still apply today… see Resource Center, “Financial”). He followed with licenses as an engineer in-training, general contractor, and real estate agent (with training in property appraising). He also operated an independent rental management and repair business for 7 years...proving to be quite handy with tools and resolving hands-on tenant issues. His past public service includes chair of the Thurston County Housing Authority, project lead for State WAC personnel law development, staff for the Washington Executive Salary Commission, member the Washington Comparable Worth Committee, AG designated advisory contact for rental owners calling the Washington Attorney General’s Office, and many public and private housing ad hoc committees. Throughout his landlord career, Tim has also served as Chair of the Washington Apartment Association state-wide Political Action Committee, and later as an officer, volunteer lobbyist, and essayist in state and local landlord associations. In response to increasing fair-housing regulations, Tim developed WLA's bias-free tenant selection scoring system patterned after long-established civil service employment testing standards, and later, field-easy models to implement new state-mandated screening disclosure regulations. Currently, he is sitting on a variety of State/County/City landlord-tenant code and other committees. He enjoys contributing to the web site, and assisting landlord, tenant, and government official callers. With added time as a designated Attorney General landlord-tenant telephone advisory resource (360-338-0154),Tim enjoys such continuing opportunities to inform and resolve landlord-tenant scenarios in the rental industry.    

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