January through March finds us very busy working in Olympia with the legislature in furthering good laws (and fighting bad laws) for landlords and property managers.

Some of our past successes include:

  • Decriminalizing landlord violations in Seattle code.
  • Defeated Tumwater's proposal to criminalize landlords that do not pick up around their dumpsters.
  • Allowing landlords to continuingly use PO Box mailing addresses.
  • Introduced bias-free options adopted by Seattle in the development of their in mandatory inspection program; worked effectively to diminish over-zealous programming details.
  • Keeping landlords rights to screen applicants and levy late fees.
  • Stopping plans to make landlords pay interest on deposits into government trust funds; keeping late fees to needed levels.
  • Raised the penalty requirement from $50 to $200 for tenants who disable the smoke detectors; eliminated unnecessary disclosure requirements relative to CO alarms.
  • Beating back lawyer attempts to change the 3-day notice for rents to a 5-day notice.
  • Introducing a “helping hand” amendment regulating the release of victim information.
  • Lobbied through relaxing language making landlords less liable for key security.
  • Defeated attorney attempts to make leases and rental agreements essentially a will.
  • Effectively fought back attempts to make service animals easier to force on landlords.
  • Succeeded in keeping public records open to listings of unlawful detainer (eviction) filings, for screening purposes.
  • Prompting leadership in promoting Section 8 program “volunteerism” in landlord participation (as opposed to stern mandating laws).
  • Developed screening options to counter charges of “disparate impact” under discrimination law.
  • Took a trail-blazing landlord-sector role supporting Senator Pam Roach’s Transparency-in-Government bill to require towns and cities to publish advanced copies of meeting agendas on the internet.

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