2011 Legislative Report


2011 State Legislative Session 34

- Tim Seth & Charles Beck -

The first session of the 2010-12 Legislative season convened with the introduction of the following bills: We are still relatively far in the session, and are pleased to report that most of the bad stuff died in commisttee. But annthing still can be revived on the floor. Do not hesitate to call WLA on 1-888-753-9150 for input.


SB 5035 (HB 1078) - Required MH Receipts. Requires mfg/mobile home park landlords to provide t enants with written receipts upon tenant request. Sen Rules

SB 5050 - Interest on Rental Deposits. Requires that interest accrued on trust account deposits must be deposited monthly in the affordable housing account created by RCW 43.185C.190. This idea comes up every session without success for the sponsors due to the impracticalities and handling costs, etc. Died

SB 5073-S (HB 1100) - Medical Marijuana. Amends state law on medical use of marijuana. Would retain the legal limits on possession in the state, but would require the Dept of Agriculture to regulate the growing of medical marijuana, and the Dept of Health to license said dispensaries. WLA will be tracking and speaking to this issue in regards to management of rental properties. Sen Rules

SB 5261-S - Manager Training. Training for MH Park managers. Sen Rules

SB 5283 - Rent Vouchers. Up to 26% of Affordable Housing voucher funds to be applied to privately-owned units. WLA supports. Sen Ways & Means

SB 5342 - Property Valuation Appeals. Lowers the burden of proof required on contesting property owners. Died

SB 5400 (HB 1692) - Rent Control for MH Parks. This bill limits rent increases for MH spaces to 3-5% per year plus any pass-on costs such as property tax increases. A new board of 2 tenants, 2 owners, and 1 state official is set up to administer. Died

SB 5433 (Passed House), SB 5447 (Died), SB 5448 (Rules) - MH Laws. Misc

SB 5524 - Impact Fees. Waived for low income housing. Sen Rules

SB 5557 - Washington Office of Civil Rights. (See HB 1958). Died

SB 5598 - Marijuanna. (See HB 1550). Died

SB 5826 - Tenant Screening (See HB 1526). This senate version goes much further in regulating, restricting, and controlling landlord use of screening services, as well as in conducting their own screening. It includes such features as discrediting (bashing) the integrety of the screening process, limiting screening fees to $10, mandatory advance notification of landlord screening standards with follow-through of explicit reasons required for rejection in writing, detailed listing of mandatory reporting exclusions (eg victims of violence and tenants served eviction papers), and stiff penalties for using historical/court recorded data on tenant selections so banned by this law, etc, etc, etc. Died


HB 1077 - B & O Tax on Property Managers. Phases out the B & O tax rate for on-site property managers under RCW 82.04.394. The sponsors of this bill are representatives Kelley, Orcutt, Finn, McCune, Miloscia, Warnick, Hurst, and Harris. Call in your support of this needed correction. (See enclosed copy of bill elsewhere in this Quarterly.) House Ways & Means

HB 1078 - Required MH Receipts (See SB 5035 above). Passed House

HB 1100 - Medical Marijuana. (See SB 5073 above). H Health Care.

HB 1118 - (See SB 5261-S) MH Park Manager Training. Died

HB 1126 - Street Gangs. Proposed by the Attorney General’s Office, this bill comes down on street gangs including the provision to bring abatement action against the housing landlord after three unrelated street-gang offenses within one year. Died

HB 1240 - Impact Fees. Establishes a moratorium on impact fees to booster the construction industry. House Local Government.

HB 1266-S - Landlord-Tenant Act. Revises the Washington Tenant-Landlord Act in a variety of legal/technical areas. Sponsored by Representatives Pedersen, Rodne, Warnick, Kenney and Kelly, this bill is the result of deliberations between landlord and tenant attorneys. WLA successfully worked hard behind the scenes to insure that unnecessary consequences to landlords were kept to a minimum.

(See Feb Quarterly, “Landlord-Tenant Law Overhauled”.) H Rules.

HB 1285 - Controlled Substance. Adds “snythetic cannabinoids” to the definition of controlled substances. House Public Safety Committee.

HB 1398 - Impact Fees. No impact fees on low income housing. H Housing.

HB 1416 - B & O Tax on Property Managers. This bill addresses business and occupation tax deductions for payments made to certain property management companies for prsonnel performing on-site functions. Backed by the property management industry, this bill takes away recent B & O tax enactments on the property management sector. House Ways & Means.

HB 1502 - MH Parks. Changes to the mfg housing account. House Rules.

HB 1526 - Tenant Screening. New screening disclosure requirments; regulates private use of internet. (See Feb Quarterly pg 23.) Died.

HB 1550 (SB 5598) - Marijuana. Regulating production & sale of cannabis. Died

HB 1552 - Garnishments. Modifies garnishment provisions. Died

HB 1566 - (see SB 5433). Died

HB 1616 - PUD Liens. Authorizes lien authority of PUDs providing water or sewer services. House Rules.

HB 1651 - High Risk Housing. Provides certain conditions where persons with drug, criminal, or other issues are exempt from traditional landlord-tenant law, with other options. Died.

HB 1661 - Vouchers. Provides vouchers for low-income housing. Died.

HB 1727 - Service Animals. Adopts the federal definition of “service animal”. Limited to dogs only, must be individually trained to service a listed disability. A good start, missing is a requirement for an outside professional certification of need, and allowance for a reasonable refundable deposit. Died.

HB 1778 - Apartment Utility Billing. Covers landlords of multi-unit buildings in the billing of tenants separately for utilities. Third party billings allowed under conditions as set forth. Died.

HB 1894 - Transitional Renting. Outlines special allowed program conditions in the renting to ex-felons and tenants with addictions issues. Died.

HB 1958 (SB 5557) - Wash Office of Civil Rights. At request of Gov Gregoire, these bills would abolish the Wash State Human Rights Commission and transfer its responsiblities, along with other Wash civil rights entities, under a single governor-level office of civil rights. Died.

Copies of these bills are available from the Washington State Legislative Information Center: Ph 360-786-7573, web site: www.leg.wa.gov

(Note: try the Web site, click bill info...works great!)

Call in your legislative concerns on the leg hot line:1-800-562-6000

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