Section 1:   The name of this organization is the Washington Landlord Association, hereafter denoted as WLA, incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the state of Washington, servicing residential rental owners, managers, and clientele.

Section 2:   The purpose of WLA is to provide a wide range of specialized services, training and activities for its members; to collectively address rental industry needs, interests and issues on a continuing basis; to represent its members at the state, regional and local levels; as volunteer resources are available, to provide public services to tenant clientele - resolving conflict and educating where possible; and to advocate and promote high professional standards and sound business practices in the best interests of the rental industry.


Section 1:   It is the expressed interest of WLA, in conducting any and all of its affairs, to comply fully with anti-trust statutes, non-discrimination laws, public disclosure laws, and any other local, state and federal laws which may pertain to an organization of WLA’s type.


Section 1:   There shall be eight (8) classes of membership in WLA: owner, manager, vendor, community/government, subscription, mailing reciprocal, honorary, and lifetime. The WLA Executive Officer (EO) has authority to approve membership applications, renewals, and advertising including all fees; provided, overall dues schedules shall be considered by the Advisory Board and approved by the WLA membership. Protests may be submitted to the WLA Advisory Board (AB) for further consideration.

Section 2:   Membership is open to any individual, couple, group, business or government entity expressing interest in the rental housing industry. One newsletter mailing address constitutes one membership unit.

Section 3:   Mailing, email and/or telephone lists of the WLA membership shall not be published or otherwise provided to any WLA member or outside individual or entity without specific approval of the listed members and the Executive Officer.


Section 1:   There shall be periodic general  meetings of the members of WLA held at such times and places as determined by the Executive Officer or Advisory Board. Meetings shall generally be held quarterly throughout Washington State in addition to any special seminars and conferences.

Section 2:   There shall be entitled one vote for each dues paid membership unit (Article III, Section 2). Eligible absent members may designate a proxy in writing. In cases of no proxy designation, the Executive Officer or his/her designee shall serve as proxy. Election of officers, adjustment to dues schedules, and revisions to these By-Laws shall require an advance written notice to the membership, including content/text, time and place of voting.

Section 3:   Meetings of the Advisory Board shall be held at such times and locations as my be designated by Executive Officer, President, Senior Vice President, or majority vote of the Advisory Board. All Advisory Board meetings shall be open to the general membership.

Section 4:   The Advisory Board shall consist of the President, Senior Vice President, Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer), Immediate Past President, Executive Officer, all board advisors and standing committee chairs, and any other special appointments by the President or Executive Officer.


Section 1 - Elections and Replacements:
(a)   The WLA shall elect from their dues-paying membership: President, Senior Vice President, Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer), and  at least three (3) board advisors.
(b)   All officers and board advisors shall be elected for a minimum term of one year beginning the calendar year, or until their successors are elected at a later time. Officers may not serve in one office for more than two consecutive terms without a 2/3 general membership vote.
(c)   The Advisory Board shall have the authority to appoint a replacement for any elected officer or advisor in case of inability or unavailability to attend meetings and fulfill the responsibilities to which elected. Such replacements may serve until the next general membership elections.
(d)   The Advisory Board may remove for cause, by 2/3 vote, any elected officer, board advisor, or committee chair. Any disputes may be submitted to the general membership for final disposition.

Section 2 - Duties of Elected Officers, Advisors, and Immediate Past President:
(a)   President. The President shall chair the Advisory Board; meet regularly with the Executive Officer to coordinate policy and programs of the WLA; recommend appointments to boards, committees and task forces; serve as member ex officio on all WLA committees and task forces with voting rights; in absence of the Executive Officer, chair general meeting business and programs; and represent the best interests of WLA in the communities. The President shall, at meetings and other situations he/she deems proper, communicate proposals and recommendations to promote the effectiveness, benefits, and best interests of the WLA.
(b)  Senior Vice President. The Senior Vice President shall serve in place of, and at the pleasure of, the President and/or Executive Officer.
(c)   Vice-president(s). The Vice President(s) shall assist in membership development and long-range planning, and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned.  The Vice President(s) shall assume the duties of the President in the event of the President’s and Senior Vice President’s , absence, resignation, removal or inability to act.
(d)   Secretary-Treasurer.  The Secretary-Treasurer (as one or two positions) shall oversee all minutes and financial records of the Advisory Board and the WLA, and assist the Executive Officer in preparation and presentation of financial and other reports and recommendations.
(e)   Board Advisors. Board Advisors shall provide regular input to the President and Executive Officer,  and shall attend Advisory Board meetings with full voting rights. They shall represent the best interest of the WLA and its membership at large.
(f)   Immediate Past President. A non-elected Advisory Board member, the Immediate Past President shall serve with full voting rights and shall represent the best interests of the WLA and its membership.

Section 3 - The Executive Officer:  The Executive Officer shall be the chief administrative officer of the WLRA, and shall attend and be an ex officio member of all committees, task forces, and other pertinent functions of the WLA.
(a)   Following a report and recommendation of the Advisory Board, the Executive Officer shall be hired by a majority vote of the WLA at regular or special general membership meetings, to include salary and other terms of employment; provided, the Executive Officer shall be compensated at local market rates for services performed.
(b)   The Executive Officer can be removed for cause following review of the issue by a special committee composed of 2 EO designees, 2 AB designees, and a 5th designee agreeable to 3 of the first 4 designees; followed by recommendation of the AB with notice therein to the general membership; and finally 2/3 vote of the general membership at special or regular meetings.
(c)   Within the limits of these by-laws, policies, budget and directives from the WLA general membership, the Executive Officer is responsible for and has commensurate authority to accomplish the duties set or required therein, to include but not be limited to: Edit and publish all WLA publications; sign up, assimilate, and service new members; represent the WLA to media and issue publicity releases to community entities and the general public; work with vendor members, facilitate advertising; coordinate and narrate monthly dinner meetings, participate at all other ORA Board, committee, and other meetings, service public and member questions and requests; coordinate and conduct various WLA programs, conferences and seminars; perform administrative functions, develop plans of action, process and make all WLA banking and payments; file reports with the AB and general membership; file required documents with the Internal Revenue Service, State of Washington and Secretary of State, Washington Public Disclosure Commission and Departments of Revenue and Labor & Industry;maintain mailing and membership rosters, house and keep secure WLA telephone, fax and computer systems; hire and supervise support staff; monitor the status of legislative matters, attend legislative hearings, review proposed legislation and report to WLA membership and committees, and write political officials; represent WLA positions to city, county and state political officials, bodies and staff.
(d)   The Executive Officer, and any other as approved by the  EO, shall be reimbursed for “out-of-pocket” expenses for hotel, travel, telephone, supplies and other related expenses while on WLA business.


Section 1:   All councils, standing committees, special committees and task force groups shall be appointed in accordance with WLA policies. Committee action shall be subject to advisory supervision of the EO, with final review by the AB. Disputes are to be settled by vote of the general membership.

Section 2:   The Advisory Board shall have the authority to discharge any committee chair or member in concert with the Executive Officer, subject to appeal to the general membership. Any committee member who is absent (or fails to call in inputs) from two or more consecutive committee meetings without good cause may be deemed by the EO as resigned. Replacements are confirmed by the Advisory Board.

Section 3:   Following initial recommendation by the Executive Officer, the Advisory Board shall appoint standing committees which may include but are not limited to: Legislative, Education, Membership/Welcoming, Convention, Damages Witness Program, Housing Assistance & Charity, Property Management Network, Public Relations, Legal Advisory, Executive, Nominating, Vendor Relations, Publications, Budget/Finance, and Long-range Planning.


Section 1:   The Executive Officer may schedule and contract, in concert with the Advisory Board, the establishment, conduct and/or sponsorship of trips, seminars, and/or other program events or services intended to provide benefits for WLA members.


Section 1:   These By-laws may be amended at special or general membership meetings of the WLA by a 2/3 vote; provided notice and text of the proposed amendment(s) have been mailed to all WLA members at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting(s) at which all votes are to be totaled at the end of the voting month, including all proxy votes therein.


Section 1:   The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, shall govern the WLA in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws and any special rules or order that the WLA may adopt.


Section 1:   The WLA does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof, and is organized solely for non-profit purposes. Upon dissolution of the WLA, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the WLA, the remaining assets shall be distributed to a non-profit fund, foundation, or corporation in the state of Washington, which is organized and operated exclusively for educational or scientific purposes and which has established its tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code; provided, that if such dissolution shall occur in connection with an event other than liquidation, then the assets of the WLA shall be distributed to an entity charged with performing the functions and fulfilling the purposes enumerated in Article 1 Section 1 of these by laws.

Originally Approved July 1, 1996;  Revised October 30, 2000;  Revised April 17, 2008 (formerly Olympic Rental Association); Revised July 1, 2012

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