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Washington Landlord Association is paving the way to establish a resource to educate supply business tools to help make landlording fun and profitable. Our membership is an affordable cost of $50.00 per year and opens the door to a long list of valuable benefits. Money back guarantee anytime prior to issue of WLA security codes.

Access and download dozens of forms & documents necessary to properly manage your rental business. You will also receive our quarterly newspaper with timely, informative and interesting articles functionally organized to assist, guide and train landlords and real estate investors.

To join WLA, please complete the following:

  1. Click here to fill out our membership application. Return the form to our office via US mail as explained on the application form.

Compare WLA dues rates!

Screening Services

  • Only $50 to join or $45 to renew
  • Single rate regardless of units
  • Less than other associations
  • No expensive staff or attorneys on the payroll
  • Standardization of services for cost savings
  • Supporting advertising goes to pay expenses
  • Minimum of wasteful committee/staff efforts
  • Bulk mailings and low-cost high-volume printing
  • Answer to membership - published business reports
  • All dues increases per vote of general membership
  • WLA Tenant Fitness Rating
  • National Criminal Searches
  • National Bankruptcy Report
  • National SSN Verification
  • WA State Drivers License Validation
  • Eviction Filings Records
  • Civil Records Check
  • Judgments Records
  • City history records

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